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Salesforce CPQ — How to restrict users from adding duplicate Bundle in Quote?

Image shows the validation rule on cart page
Product Validation Rule
I am pretty new to salesforce CPQ and recently I came across the challenge to add the restriction of adding duplicate bundle products in the Quote. I found classic use of Javascript Quote Calculator Plugin.


Users should be able to add as many different bundles to the cart. But the cart shouldn’t have the same bundle lines. When a user is trying to save the cart they should be seeing the error message.


Logic to Implement:

  • Check all the bundle lines in the quote and see if there’s any duplicate bundle line. If there’s any duplicate line found then set a flag on the quote object which indicates duplicate found.

  • To reset the flag every time we calculate or try to save the cart.


Steps to implement:

  1. We need to have a custom field on the Quote object. Create a checkbox field on quote names isSameOfferingAdded__c.

  2. Implement onBeforeCalculate a Javascript Quote Calculator Plugin as below:

3. Go to the Custom Script tab and create a new record as below:

Record creation in Custom Script
Custom Script Record

4. Add this callback to the CPQ setting. (Setup->Installed Package -> Click Configure against Salesforce CPQ)

Salesforce CPQ Settings
CPQ Settings

5. Now, Create a Product Rule that uses the checkbox “isSameOfferingAdded__c” to display an error message when the user clicks quick save/Save buttons in the cart.

Product Validation Rule Setup
We’re done with the implementation, Let’s have some showtime!


Thank you for reading this post!


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