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Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform !

Yes, There is a very useful webinar i came across on this topic.

There is a very good TrailHead for understanding this.

Series Webinar 1 Covers : 

CRUD – Object Level Permission.

FLS – Field Level Permission.

Sharing – Record Level Permission. (With Sharing – Without Sharing)

SOQL – Injection in Dynamic Query.

Apex – System Context.

VisualForce – User Context

Standard Controller – User Context

Series Webinar 2 Covers : 

Common VisualForce vulnerabilities XSS (Cross-site Scripting) Open Redirect CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

Series Webinar 3 Covers :  Building Salesforce Integrations Integration Methods -Apex Callouts Integration Methods -API/OAuth Connected Apps Integration User Integration-End User Advantages of Connected Apps Credential Handling Transport Security Mutual TLS Setting up a Mutual TLS Secret Protection Who do we secure secrets from? Secret in Named Credentials Named Credential Usage Named Credential Breakdown Secrets in Named Credentials Secreted in Managed Protected Settings Custom Settings Managed Protected Custom Setting Managed Package Architecture Secrets in Custom Settings Properly Encapsulating Secret Usage Managed Package Architecture Properly Handling Secret Dependencies Avoiding Secret Reflection